Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 I once had this view of stay at home moms that included perfect hair, dressy attire, busy schedules and mini-vans. Now of course I am sure there are many that do fit that profile, but that has not been my experience. Perhaps if the child(ren) I was home with were school aged and activities were included in that package, I would find myself in a faster-paced daily schedule.  

Me? No Mini-van. No dressy clothes. No more than a pony-tail on ANY day. And the busy schedule?  What do other moms DO all day? I find that the things I do, such as cleaning and laundry and such are things that I also did while I worked (and was in school) so the fact that school and work are taken out of the equation means I have perhaps too much time to myself. Now granted, I only have one bundle of monster to look after, and she is not quite mobile yet, so I am sure that will change a bit. And I am in no way saying that these days are not still exhausting, because I find myself collapsing in bed more often then not at the end of the day. 

I do not, however, find this job to be more difficult then working. In fact, I find it hard to get things done under these circumstances. I need goals to be in big, blaring red letters looming over my head before I can do much of anything. You see, I have Motivational Hormone Deficit, or MHD. It is a shortage of re-uptake of the getoffyourbutt hormone that the Motivational synaptic thing needs in order to conduct....stuff. It is real. Look it up on Wikipedia. Without impending deadlines blaring at me, I find it difficult to get things done. 

Sure, there are back to back episodes of The New Adventures of Old Christine that need my attention. And of course there is the care of my new blog. And Facebook. And Yahoo Answers. Don't get me wrong- I find plenty of time for my "high needs baby" who requires a lot of attention. She is as cute as a button, but definitely runs the show. Even so, she takes a few decent naps on a good day, and she does not always require my attention while she does. So what do I do? 

There was once and episode of Wife Swap that featured a wife who believed in the 15 minute clean up theory. Granted her house was crawling with filth and needed much, much more than 15 minutes to clean to a decent level of acceptance. I find though, that my house does not much require much more than that on any given day. If I clean the kitchen the night before, I wake to a clean house. The rest of the day might include the tasks required for that day, such as laundry, but there really is not a whole lot else to DO! 

Someone once suggested to me that I start working out. Let's not be silly. Who has the time for that? Oh wait. I do. 

I know I am risking my own "job" security here, but that is only is my husband happens upon my blog. I knew I should have changed names...

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